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We are a team led by registered medical practitioners and advanced skin specialists who take pride in sourcing the safest and most natural solutions to deal with your health and beauty concerns, ranging from acne and dark spots to ageing skin. Our infusion formulas only include pure vitamins, nutrients, amino acids and antioxidants naturally produced by the body.

All our medical practitioners are specially trained and qualified in vitamin and herbal therapy, making us the brand you can trust. As qualified experts in our field, your safety comes first and we prioritise client service, working to ensure all our clients get to experience the BEAUTY INFUSIONS V.I.P brand.


Vitamin infusions, were once only a treatment accessible to Hollywood's most elite, who were constantly on the look-out for new and innovative beauty and health treatments. They had specialist practitioners called out to their homes, offices or places of work to carry out these exclusive infusions.

Here at Beauty Infusions London, we are not only bringing you these exclusive treatments at affordable prices but we are also redefining the standard Medi-spa visit, to help kickoff your lifetime journey towards optimal health and beauty. At Beauty Infusions London, you are a V.I.P and thus entitled to exceptional service which is why we offer an elite V.I.P call out service.

We have a team of medical and aesthetic practitioners at your call, ready to deliver a superior experience to you, at your preferred location.

All you need to do is book a time and place and you too could receive your infusion in the comfort of your own space like the V.I.P that you truly are.e body.


Beauty Infusions London specialize in infusion treatments that deal with many concerns ranging from dermatological issues to your general wellness.
We introduce a wide variety of vitamins, nutrients and amino acids into the bloodstream through intravenous therapy and intramuscular injections. Selected treatments can tackle issues related to ageing skin, acne, weight loss, personal health and much more.
We also offer intimate herbal infusions via steam therapy.

With our formulated herbal blends, we are able to treat the most common gynaecological issues in the most natural way possible.

These issues include vaginal yeast infections, menstrual cramps, vaginal dryness and much more.
Our infusion treatments are carried out in the comfort of your own space by registered medical practitioners who are ANTT trained. For this reason, you can be sure to trust our brand as ANTT training is vital in order to transform any space into an aseptic field, allowing for the safe administration of vitamins. Our infusion treatments have gained huge popularity amongst those who view them as a natural alternative to achieving their desired levels of health and beauty.
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