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During the colder months, our immune system tends to weaken, leaving us tired, unmotivated and sometimes even ill. Most of us are prone to falling ill or suffering from dry and dull skin. It is very easy to quickly blame the cold weather but in actual fact there are a number of factors involved; one being the drastic change in temperature which is also linked to other factors including the limited amount of sunlight.

As a defence mechanism against the cold weather, some of us find ourselves taking longer showers than normal. This can have a negative impact on the skin, reducing the skin’s natural moisture level and hence causing further dryness.
In addition to this, the limited amount of sunlight during the winter months can lead to reductions in our Vitamin D levels. Without adequate supplementation, this can lead to a lack of energy, dull skin and much more.

Vitamin D deficiency can be destructive to ones health as it can impact the body’s ability to store other vitamins which are primary to the body’s immune system and overall wellbeing, such as Vitamin B and C.

The combination of all these factors discussed can go as far as triggering depressive symptoms, such as SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).

All in all, during this time of the year the odds make it hard for us to stay in good health, both physically and mentally.

Here are 5 simple things you can do to protect your health this winter:

1. Eat 3 warm nutritious meals a day.

2. Stay hydrated.

3. Take shorter showers and keep your skin moisturised.

4. Exercise daily, even if it’s just for a few minutes.

5. Increase your Vitamin D intake via supplementation to get your vitamin levels back up and strengthen your immune system.

While oral supplementation is widely used, it is one of the least efficient methods due to its low absorption rate where only 20% of the vitamin makes it to the bloodstream.

At Beauty Infusions London, our Vitamin IV treatments are injected directly into the bloodstream, bringing the absorption rate up to 90%. With our IV treatments you will also be benefiting from extra hydration.

Check out the wide selection of treatments in our Health & Wellness range which includes our Multivitamin drip and Vitamin D shot all of which are promised to help get you through the winter,  for as little as £99.

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