The Disinfect vaginal infusion is designed for those who experience excess cervical mucus, unpleasant odours and infections accompanied by discomfort. ​

Vaginal infections can be such a burden, causing concern and discomfort for many women. The most common infections such as Bacterial Vaginosis and Thrush are usually accompanied with undesirable symptoms such as excess mucus, unpleasant odours and itchiness which can have a negative impact on confidence and, ultimately, sexual life. Treating these gynecological issues can be quite stressful and most medical solutions tend to do more harm than good. For instance, antibiotic treatments decrease the amount of healthy bacteria in the vagina which usually leads to an upward spiral in vaginal infections. ​

The use of powerful organic herbs and plants such as Sophora Root and Cornsilk, can help to kill the infectious bacteria and yeast in the vagina.​

They also work to reset the vaginal flora and rid the vagina of excess mucus and toxins, leaving your vagina feeling healthy and deodorised. ​

At Beauty Infusions London, our unique herbal formula is infused directly into the vagina via steam therapy. The steam helps to soothe and open up the vagina allowing for the medicinal properties of the herbs to be released into the vagina and absorbed into the bloodstream and uterus.​

Implementing our Disinfect vaginal infusion into your wellness regime will help detoxify and restore balance to the vagina, keeping your vagina free of unpleasant odours and infections. ​


  • Maintains healthy vaginal odour​
  • Includes herbs that help to treat chronic vaginal yeast infections​
  • Expels excess mucus and toxins​
  • Reduces inflammation​
  • Helps to restore balance in the vaginal flora​
  • Relieves symptoms of Bacterial vaginosis​
  • Significantly reduces any discomfort and itchiness associated with a vaginal infection​
  • Improves the function of a healthy vagina​



Steam Therapy


Vaginal Wellness


30-40 Mins


From £29.99




Are Vaginal Infusions safe?

Yes. At Beauty Infusions London, our vaginal infusions are very safe. We only use organic herbs.  

What should I expect at my appointment?

Once your appointment has been booked, a practitioner will arrive at your confirmed location at the agreed date and time. A consultation will take place to assess your suitability and to gain your consent prior to receiving treatment. Your treatment will commence once you have been deemed suitable. After treatment, your practitioner will discuss a care and maintenance plan with you.

Are Infusion treatments painful?

Not at all, vaginal infusions are very soothing and relaxing.

How many Infusion treatments are needed?

The amount of treatment needed will depend on your desired results. For any infusion, we always recommend a course of at least 10 treatments in order to see any visible results.

Who will carry out my Infusion treatment?

At Beauty Infusions London, your infusions are performed by ANTT trained, medical practitioners who are insured and qualified to carry out vaginal infusions.


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