Gaining complete control of your intimate health can prove to be very difficult. Whether it is a yeast infection, painful menstrual cycle or a lack of lubrication, there constantly seems to be an issue of some sort going on down there. Treating these gynaecological issues can be quite stressful and most medical solutions tend to do more harm than good. For instance, antibiotic treatments for vaginal infections are not always the best solution as they kill off all bacteria in the vagina, including good bacteria, which can lead to an upward spiral in vaginal infections. The search for more control and balance in intimate health can also lead clients down a path of potentially harmful solutions that only offer temporary solutions. This is where Vaginal Steams come into play.

Vaginal steaming (also known as a yoni steam) is an ancient herbal remedy that has been practiced by many women across the world for centuries. Originating from Oriental and Arab culture, vaginal steams have since gained huge popularity in the western world, with celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Chrissy Teigen acting as big advocates.

Many women have taken advantage of the benefits it provides in postpartum care and treating fertility whilst others have relied on its natural ability to treat a wide range of other gynaecological concerns. Studies have shown that vaginal steams can improve symptoms in over 90% of all gynaecological issues including yeast infections, menopausal related concerns and vaginal laxity.

At Beauty Infusions London we offer a select line of vaginal steam infusions that can help you treat vaginal infections, increase lubrication and expel old residue from menstruation and child birth.

Our vaginal infusions are a great alternative to medical procedures and only include organic herbs and plants that can be infused directly into the vagina via steam therapy.

Implementing our vaginal infusions into your lifestyle will help you gain better control of your intimate health in the most natural way possible.



Steam Therapy


Gain some balance after childbirth or menstruation and expel old residue.
Steam Therapy


Improve blood circulation to the vagina and treat vaginal dryness and laxity.
Steam Therapy


Treat vaginal infections in the most natural way possible.